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Voting Booth

Portable Voting Booth - BRC VI Case/Booth




HANGING CHAD VotoMatic 3 CES Vintage Portable Voting Booth-Legs,Light Bush/Gore


【HANGING CHAD】CES VotoMatic 3 Vintage Portable Voting Booth-Legs,Light!Bush/Gore


1963 Press Photo Voting booth & uncut grass at 10516 Clifton Boulevard, NW


Portable Voting Single Person Booth Table Quick Assembly ES&S Automark


2001 voting booth photo vote supression theme ACLU vintage print ad


1969 Press Photo Albany, New York Mayor Erastus Corning leaving voting booth


1962 Press Photo Portable Voting Booth - neb16555


1949 Press Photo Voting booth in the process renovation - nef43542


1964 Press Photo Voting Booth Lever demonstrated in Closeup - noo69613


Election Voting Booth GURNEY MILLER Met Life Insurance FREEDOM CURTAIN 1956 Ad


1952 Press Photo Voting booth viewed by Mrs. Elizabeth Colloton with daughter


Norman Rockwell - The Voting Booth honored by the Register & Vote stamp


Press Photo Richard Teniente leaving voting booth, Texas - saa31940


1920 1920s Voting Booth Press Photo


Norman Rockwell - The Voting Booth & First Day Cover of Register & Vote stamp


1973 Press Photo Albany, New York Mayor Erastus Corning exiting voting booth


Flyer Promotes The Douglas Portable Voting Booth


1975 Press Photo Albany, New York Mayor Erastus Corning exits voting booth


1974 Press Photo Assemblyman Neil Kelleher leaving voting booth in New York


1970 Press Photo New Orleans-Democratic Candidate Moon Landrieu, voting booth


1992 Press Photo Girl in voting booth with her mother in New Orleans area


1950 John Locke quote Ben Shahn voting booth art CCA vintage print ad


1994 Press Photo Marc Morial Leaves Voting Booth After Casting Vote, New Orleans


1964 Press Photo (R) Congressman Bruce Alger enters Voting Booth, Dallas, TX


1962 Press Photo President Kennedy emerges from voting booth in Boston


1972 Press Photo J. Bennett Johnston and son Hunter at voting booth in LA


1971 Press Photo Arnold Proskin with family in voting booth in Albany, New York


1962 Press Photo 105-Year-Old Madame Kshirodsundari is Carried to Voting Booth


1966 Press Photo Kenneth MacAffer Jr. in voting booth at Menands, NY fire house


1975 Press Photo Almeria O'Hara stands inside voting booth - tua19022


1966 Press Photo Michigan's former governor Mennen Williams, leaves voting booth


1970 Press Photo California Senator George Murphy Leaves Voting Booth


VTG ESS EPI Voting Machine Election Booth Portable Mobile Stand Case (NO LEGS)


1944 Press Photo President Roosevelt leaving voting booth, Hyde Park, New York


1973 Press Photo Geroge Nuval & Eben Halmwood examine Saratoga, NY voting booth