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Ad Ngc

AD 364-378 Bronze Roman Coin NGC - Roman Christian Emperors


1878-CC S$1 MS64 NGC (#AD512373065)


1893 S$1 AU58 NGC (#AD739587082)


Pontius Pilate Bronze Prutah Coin,AD 26, Under Tiberius,NGC Certified, Excellent


Constantine I, AD 307-337, Silvered AE3, Campgates, NGC AU


1890-CC S$1 MS64 NGC (#AD739587080)


Constantine II Caesar, AD 337-340, Silvered AE3, Campgates, NGC AU


54-68AD NERO 6th of 12 Caesars "NGC Choice VF" Hemidrachm of CAESAREA CAPPADOCIA


AD 117-138 Roman Empire Hadrian AR Denarius Golden Age Hoard NGC Ch VF SKU56746


Roman Empire Commodus (AD 117-192) AR Denarius, NGC G Ancients


AD 98-117 Roman Empire Silver Denarius of Trajan NGC Choice F Ancient Rome .99


Eastern Roman Empire Valens (AD 364-378) AE3 (Nummus), NGC Ch VF Ancients


Ch Very Fine Ancient Romano-Gallic Empire Tetricus I Coin NGC Certified AD 274 


Roman Province of Judaea Bronze Prutah Pontius Pilate AD 26-36 NGC F SKU42696


AD 138 NGC VF Faustina Sr. Golden Age Hoard Roman Empire AR Silver Denarius


Tabaristan AR Hemidrachm 780-793 AD NGC Ancient Silver Coin VF Silk Road


1889-S S$1 MS65 NGC (#AD739587079)


AD 238 NGC CHOICE AU Roman Empire Gordian III Venus Silver Denarius Ancient coin


Roman AE of Claudius II Gothicus (AD 268-270) NGC (VF)


Byzantine Empire, Constans II (AD 641-668) Gold AV Tremissis, NGC Ch VF Ancients


MS NGC ! Theodosius I the Great (AD 379-395) Victory - Nummus , RED COLORS !!!


NGC Ch F. Hadrian AD. 117-138 Ancient Roman, Excellent Denarius - Silver Coin


Roman Empire Nero (AD 54-68) AE As, NGC Ch F Ancients


Marcus Aurelius Rare early Issue. 161 AD. Denarius. Ancient Roman Silver NGC F


Roman Empire, Trajan Decius AD 249-251 AR Double Denarius - NGC Certified AU !!




Roman AE Salonina (AD 253-268) NGC (VF)


Roman Empire Nero (AD 54-68) AR Denarius, NGC VF Ancients


Roman AE of Honorius (AD393-423) NGC (AU)


AD 284-305 NGC AU Roman Empire Diocletian BI Aurelianianus, About Uncirculated


1885-CC S$1 GSA Hoard MS64 NGC (#AD737270158)


AD 740-761 NGC Ch AU Tabaristan Silver AR Hemidrachm Ancient, Fire Alter Rev.


AD 527 NGC MS Byzantine Justinian I GOLD AV Solidus, Mint State Angel Cross Rev.


AE As of Roman Emperor Claudius, 41-54 AD Minerva reverse NGC VF 0010


Roman Empire Augustus, 27 BC-AD 14, AR Denarius, Lugdunum; NGC VF 4/5 2/5


Roman AE of Maximinus II (AD311-313) NGC (XF)


Roman AE of Constans (AD 221-350) NGC (F)


Ricimer. Patrician and Master of Soldiers, AD 457-472. Æ Nummus. NGC F


Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius AD 161-180 Silver Denarius NGC XF Beautiful toning


Roman Silver Denarius of Trajan (AD 98-117) NGC (VF)